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5 Reasons to get Open Water Certified in the USVI

Ready to become an Open Water Scuba Diver? Whether you’ve done all of your PADI online E-learning and are ready for your confined water dives or have already hit the pool and need to finish your check out dives, the U.S. Virgin Islands is the place to be! Every week we have new students coming down with their referral paperwork, ready to take on the Caribbean and become an open water diver! It’s no wonder why so many people would rather fly down to the islands rather than do their checkout dives in cold murky waters. Here's 5 reasons why you should skip the dry suits, quarry's, and currents and book your ticket to the US Virgin Islands to get certified!

1. Warm Water

The average water temperature in the Caribbean is about 82 degrees fahrenheit. Although it does sometimes hit 78 degrees during the winter months, that is still warm enough to go commando! (I still recommend at least a 3mm shorty, the second dive usually feels colder!) Also, there is no better feeling than the sunshine drying you off after a dive!

2. Calm Conditions

With so many little islands such as Buck Island or Little St. James just off of St. Thomas and St. John, there are so many protected coves. The coves create calm bay like regions which are perfect for all types of dive training. It’s no fun when you’re learning to dive and have to fight a current or can barely see your instructor ahead of you!

3. Sea Life

Your first few dives are your most important! Most people are usually pretty mixed emotion on their first open water dives, and that’s completely understandable. Whether you are nervous or excited, we understand that there is A LOT to take in on those first 45 minutes spent 40 feet deep. In the USVI, you will drop down and feel like you are in an aquarium. From reef sharks, nurse sharks, and eagle rays to octopus, sea turtles and moray eels, you will always have something to see! Ask our dive shop about having our local underwater photographer come document one of your dives, because you will not want to forget our beautiful Caribbean life and first moments underwater!

4. High Number of Local Dive Sites

Getting certified is only the beginning! Once you start diving, there are over 40 dive sites between St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix, and each island is only a seaplane or ferry away. The islands all have beautiful and healthy reefs, pinnacles, ledges, and wrecks. Want to check out one of those shipwrecks? Explore the W.I.T Concrete, Cartanza or Navy Barges in St. Thomas. How much fun does swim throughs and ledges sound? Between St. Thomas and St John you can find Cow, Calf & The Ledges of Little St. James. St. Croix’s pier offers great shore dives and night dives as well. We've got a little of everything down here.

5. Paradise

The United States Virgin Islands is called America’s paradise for a reason! Filled with white sandy beaches lined with lively palm trees, it’s no wonder why so many tourists come visit everyday. Above and below the sea you will always find a beautiful spot to hang out in the Virgin Islands. What are you waiting for? The Caribbean sea is calling you! St. Thomas Diving Club is ready for you to join our dive team!


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