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Winds and Sea May Tip the Boat, Only You Can Tip the Crew

You’re finally going on the dive trip you’ve been waiting all year for!

You walk into the shop ready for a 2 tank boat dive and start to fill out release forms. Someone helps fit you with mask, fins and a wetsuit. You’re told that they already have gear set up on the boat for you. You’re introduced to your captain and dive master who make sure you are comfortable with the dives they are taking you to as they give you a briefing on what to expect. They help you back up onto the boat after the first dive, change over your gear and offer you refreshments before you all jump in again. After your back on dock, the crew safely helps you off the boat and offers to rinse any personal gear you may have, and store it in the gear room if you plan to dive again. Your dive master is not just your dive guide, but also serves as a personal assistant making sure you have the best dive experience.

Behind the scenes your crew does a lot more than you might even realize.

It starts early in the morning in the compressor room making sure the tanks are full. Then the crew moves the tanks to the boat for you. They set up your gear, make sure everything is working correctly and that you’re weighted. They set up the boat and make sure you’ve got enough refreshments. They then will most likely come into the shop and help check you in, find you good fitting mask and fins and a wetsuit as they get to know you and ask about your previous dives a little.

After the dive, they break down gear, clean up the boat, switch out tanks, fill more tanks, clean and put away your mask, fins, and wetsuits for you. The job of a divemaster is a lot more then leading dives, they are there to serve you, and that’s why you should keep in mind that most crew members on dive boats work for tips!

Just as you would tip your server or hairdresser, it is customary to tip between 15-20% of your dive trip cost for the crews hard work! Most people like to think about $10 per tank you use. It is beyond appreciated by your dive master’s and crew, who also mostly work for tips. *Keep in mind it is not mandatory to tip, especially if you don’t feel your service was up to par.

Happy Diving!

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