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Welcome to PADI's Online eLearning!


This is the best way to start your scuba certification!


Why? Its saves you a lot of TIME!


This way your bookwork portion of the class is complete PRIOR to your arrival. It will take two days with us to complete your PADI  Open Water certification!


To sign up for Online-Learning, all you need to do is click the link at the bottom left and you will be guided through the process. 


Once you have registered and listed St. Thomas Dive Cetnter, store #1060, as the shop you want to go through, we will receive notification from PADI that you've signed up.  You can go through the program at your own pace and upon completion, we will receive another notification from PADI. 


You can contact us at any point during the process to schedule your training, but the eLearning program must be complete before your first day of class with us. You will print out your training record and bring it to us.


On your arrival in St. Thomas, you will meet with an instructor to fill out your paperwork (there's always paperwork) including a PADI Medical Questionnaire (download form) . Please look this over and answer each question honestly.  If you have any "Yes" answers, take the completed form to your doctor to get a medical clearance prior to your arrival.

You will also take a "Quick Review" quiz to ensure that you fully understand the academics and have a chance to review any areas where you need some clarification with an instructor before moving on to your confined water training.


You should expect to spend two full days for your Open Water Certification.


The first morning, after all the paperwork is completed, you will head off to the pool to complete the Confined Water training.  Your adventure will continue as you head out to complete your first two open water dives to show off everything you've learned.

Your second morning you will board the dive boat for your last two Open Water training dives 3 & 4.


This will complete your PADI Open Water Scuba Diver course, congratulations! If additional time, or make up dives are needed, there will be an additional charge. 


PADI E-Learning Program now offers Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Nitrox, Underwater Digital Photograph, Scuba-Tune Up, Rescue Diver, Divemaster, Dive Theory, and Instructor Development Courses.

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