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Nitrox Diver Specialty


St. Thomas Dive Center has on hand 32% Nitrox blended tanks and with advance reservation can provide you with 36%.  Diving with Enriched Air can provide a number of benefits to the diver including longer bottom times, shorter surface intervals and increase margin of safety when doing a series of dives. During the course you will learn when you will get the most benefit from enriched air diving, how to calculate your new, longer no decompression times; how to analyze a Nitrox tank to ensure the contents are what you will require for the dive you plan to do; how to prepare and use equipment designed to be exposed to increased oxygen levels, and what the benefits and restrictions of enriched air diving are.


Requirements: 15 years old or older

Start your class today. Click on the banner below and begin your Nitrox Class through PADI's E-Learning program. Sign up today and register with St. Thomas Dive Center, store #1060, complete the online portion and then make your reservations with us to complete your open water dives!

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